Tulsa Emergency Dentist Cost

A Tulsa emergency dentist comes to your home, where they assess your condition and provide immediate treatment. They can treat a wide variety of dental emergencies, such as a cavity or broken tooth. If you're too nervous to visit a dental clinic, you can ask for nitrous oxide to numb the pain.

An emergency dentist will also be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike traditional ones, they offer urgent care after hours. They accept most forms of insurance, and they also accept your insurance card. You'll need to arrive about 15 minutes early for your appointment.

Bring your insurance card, any dental records, and any questions you have about your situation. Be sure to bring any dental insurance information and explain any health conditions that may prevent you from receiving treatment.

Average Cost Of Dental Procedures

Root canal

  • When a tooth is either in danger or already has, an infection that could spread to the neck and face, dentists will typically suggest a root canal, which can cost up to—front is $700-900, a bicuspid is $800-950, and molars about $1,000-1,200.

Tooth extraction

  • Dentists can take teeth that are decaying, infected, or even cracked to relieve discomfort and stop the illness from getting worse, this procedure is called a tooth extraction. Costs without anesthetic can range from $75 to $300. The cost of an emergency tooth extraction with anesthetic ranges from $200 to $600. Healing recovery takes two to three days, whether an anesthetic is used or not.


  • Crowns are more expensive than any other procedure, primarily because of the materials used, and they typically need two visits rather than one, as with other frequent treatments. Ceramic or porcelain crowns require two dentist visits and cost between $1,200 and $1,500 for each tooth. the durability of metal crowns is more appropriate for back teeth which can cost between $1,200 and $1,400 per tooth. Additionally, porcelain bonded to a metal crown is an alternative option and can be slightly less expensive ($1,000–1,150 per tooth).

Finding an emergency dentist in Tulsa can be a challenge. You may live in a neighborhood with no emergency clinic, but you can use a dentist locator to find a dentist open at any time. This will allow you to see emergency services as soon as possible. And since the dental industry is highly competitive, you should be able to find affordable services. Don't be afraid to call around for an appointment. You can also read our other blog—questions to ask your dentist to learn more.