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A tooth fracture is sometimes referred to as a cracked tooth. It occurs when a person ages, excessive grinding of teeth, trauma brought by accident or sports injuries, and other factors that can affect your mouth. Pain is the most common and early sign of tooth fracture, some are temperature sensitivity and swelling of the gums.

Age is also linked to why cracked tooth happens. The teeth become brittle once the person gets old. It is easy to detect a crack in your tooth as well as treat it. Cracked can be repaired, however, it is not good as 100%. These are common in children and older people, although everyone can have them.

A sudden temperature change in the mouth, for example, drinking coffee followed by eating cold ice cream. This can have a big impact to your tooth enamel. If you experience any of these, see your dentist right away.

How Can Dentist Treat A Fracture Tooth

Treatment for a fractured tooth will depend on how severe the damage is. Depending on what your dentist may advise, here are some possible treatments your doctor can discuss with you

  • Bonding is a cosmetic procedure where the dentist uses a tooth-colored resin to fill the gap of the fracture. It is sometimes advised for a chip, to close down gaps, or change the shape and color of the tooth.
  • Crown is a permanent dental cap placed on weak or damaged teeth to protect and cover a tooth. It is use to cover existing tooth, a custom-made tooth to fitted to cap.
  • Root canal is a serious procedure handle by dentist mostly everyday. It is a treatment given to eliminate infected pulp instead of removing it.
  • Veneers helps improve and bring back the natural smile in your teeth. It is a wafer-thin custom-made shell of a tooth placed over to original tooth.
  • Extractions are a complete removal of your permanent teeth. This procedure is made when the root and nerve is severely damage.
  • No treatment if the fracture doesn't affect your physical appearance or does not cause any pain, your dentist may suggest to let them go.

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How To Avoid Cracked Teeth

Accidents can occur at any time of the day, these can contribute in damaging your tooth. Although a fractured tooth is preventive, however, it doesn't heal itself. Cracked teeth can have a huge impact to your overall appearance. Aside from this you may experience pain when eating and swelling.

Ignoring your toothaches can lead to a more serious dental problem—such as excruciating pain that won't go away, fever, lymph nodes, and worst bad breaths which is so embarrassing. Treatment may restore your teeth and even better save it from more dental problems. Your dentist may advised you to practicing good oral hygiene and routine visit for check-ups. As well as eating healthy food and regular brushing of your teeth.

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